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A professional solution for research costing and pricing

A detailed project budget is a central component of every research funding application. BlackDackel is a web-based solution for academics and finance administrators to capture your organisation’s project bids and budgets, calculate costs and expected funder contributions, and make all this available for collaboration, approval, submission, and analysis in real time.


Record a breakdown of all required resources such as staff, equipment, facilities, travel, consumables, and more, and automatically calculate the total costs and associated overhead expenses over the duration of the project, with the applicable charge-out and inflation rates, increments, currency conversions, and more.


Use customizable funder rules and templates to obtain submitted costs and expected funder contributions.

Collaboration and Analysis

Collaborate with your academics in shaping their application for the best possible outcome, approve and monitor the costs of research projects incurred to the institution, and forecast key research income figures.

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Cost calculation using full economic costing and other methodologies


Calculation of eligible and recoverable costs based on flexible pricing templates

Custom Rules

Fully configurable rule sets to model instititional and funder pricing policies


Support for multi-contract, multi-funder, multi-department, multi-partner bids

Staff Costing

Accurate modeling including increments, inflation, insurances, supplements, and more


Facility and equipment management including charge-out rates and lifecycle support

Scenario Modeling

Cost outlines and scenarios for iterative bid preparation and optimisation

Foreign Currencies

Currency conversion support using real-time rate lookup, configured rates, and ad-hoc overrides

Policy Validation

Bid policies and automated validation including configurable waiver workflows


BPMN process engine with support for conditional and parallel review and approval workflows

Funder Management

Funder management including due diligence and lifecycle support


Management of application documentation alongside projects and budgets

Access Control

Granular permission management and configurable data views for safe access across roles and departments


Aggregate and breakdown reports galore, for academics, funders, and administration


Synchronisation and integration with internal and external systems


Export of budgets in funder submission formats


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